Juice Cleanse - Titankuwait
Juice Cleanse - Titankuwait
Juice Cleanse - Titankuwait

Juice Cleanse

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Choice of either the energizer cleanse or the deep clean cleanse.

  • The Energizer Cleanse is rich in both fruits and vegetables. Designed for those who are new to cleansing and those who have a sweet tooth! It is a great way to kick start healthy eating diet. 

It consists of two Super Green Juice, one Beetroot, one PAMP (Pineapple, Apple, Mint, Pear), one Spicy Lemonade and one of our creamy Almond Milk (with dates and cinnamon).  

  • The Deep Clean Cleanse is low in sugar because it has less fruits. 

It consists of 4 Super Green Juice, one beetroot, one Spicy Lemon and one Almond Milk (with dates and cinnamon). 




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