Himalayan Crystal Salt 500g - Titankuwait
Himalayan Crystal Salt 500g - Titankuwait

Himalayan Crystal Salt 500g

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EXPIRY: 18/1/2019

Himalayan crystal salt combines 84 different minerals that play a role in more than 1000 metabolic processes

 Ingredients: Himalayan salt

Use: As a mineral-rich replacement for table salt. It can also be used in the bath, for cleaning nasal passages (one level tsp salt to 500 ml of warm water), as an addition to facial masks or for rehydration (1/4 tsp salt to 1 litre of water).

Country of origin: Pakistan

Storage: In a cool, dry place.

Why is it good to use Himalayan salt?

  • It is not refined,
  • it contains 84 different minerals,
  • it restores electrolyte balance,
  • it can be used as a sole to treat various health conditions (skin problems, breathing problems, fever, sore muscles, periodontosis, chronic cough, etc.).

It is used for hydration, mineralization, detoxification and the alkalizing of the body, because it contains important minerals for the human body. It helps in restoring and maintaining physical energy and in maintaining an acid-base balance.

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