Every day, toxins accumulate in our bodies. They enter our body through our diets (additives, preservatives, pesticides, etc.), overeating and bad eating habits (under stress or during an illness), with water, polluted air, care products and decorative cosmetics, by using synthetic cleaning products, etc. Usually, we accumulate them even more in winter time.
Westerners are literally surrounded by different toxins from the environment as well as the toxins, which the body itself produces during its normal life functions. As the burden of toxins increases over the years, our excretory organs cannot eliminate them regularly, and they start to accumulate in our body and can eventually cause problems. Hence, it is very important to help our body detox, in order to keep our health, well-being, youthfulness, slenderness, vitality and mental clarity.
green smoothie for detoxification
With detoxification, we enable our body a more effective elimination of toxins. Simply put, detoxification of the organism begins when the intake of toxins is smaller than the elimination. When our body is clean, we are in balance, our digestion, assimilation and excretory functions are more effective, our immune system is stronger and our body is capable of self-healing. Positive effects of detoxification also result in weight loss, youthfulness, glowing skin and beautiful, healthy hair.
Spring is a perfect period for taking care of ourselves and for an effective detoxification. It is especially important to give up on processed foods (salty and greasy snacks, fast food and other pre-prepared meals), fried foods, white flour products, sugar and sweets, excessive use of salt, sweet and carbonated beverages, and also alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. If possible, we should also limit the use of animal proteins and gluten products. For an effective detoxification, we have to consume unprocessed, wholesome products every day (with an emphasis on basic foodstuff to ensure an acid-base balance), and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. A big emphasis should be on green leafy vegetables, rich in chlorophyll and minerals, which our body will be thankful for. Apart from salads, we should also consume other forms of green vegetables, namely the green smoothies. We suggest they become our regular morning companions. To speed up our detoxification, we will add some superfoods that will reward us with an abundance of nutrients. If we manage to consume only fruits, smoothies and freshly squeezed clear fruit and vegetable juices in the morning and a lot of fresh foodstuff during the day, we will start this summer looking healthy, slim and rejuvenated. 

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